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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 398 The Thing You Want to See

Summer asked Rosie, "Where did you come from?"

"Upstairs," Rosie said, pointing at the ceiling.

Summer had noticed that the stairs in the villa were high and long. Hearing Rosie's words, she turned to look at Leonardo.

Leonardo saw Summer staring at him with a look of condemnation. He frowned and took out a piece of candy from nowhere and handed it to Rosie.

Then, he said gently, "You reward."

Rosie took the candy happily. Unable to open it after two attempts, she pressed it into Leonardo's hand. "Daddy, open it for me," she said sweetly.

Leonardo tore open the sweet wrapper and put it into Rosie's mouth.

With the candy in her mouth, Rosie ran away contentedly.

Since Rosie had already discovered it, Leonardo swaggered in and asked Summer, "Did you cook before?"

Summer glanced at him and said coldly, "I don't know."

She had lost her memory. How could she remember the past?

Leonardo choked on her answer.

Summer thought for a while and asked him, "You really don't remember anything?"

"Or what?" Leonardo looked unpleasant at the mentioning of it, a trace of sinister aura faintly appearing between his eyebrows.

But it was strange that Summer did not fear him. Instead, she sighed with emotion that they were sharing weal and woe.

"I had an accident three years ago, and you lost your memory three years ago. So, we might have encountered the same accident?" Summer said while cutting vegetables.

Stanley's identity as "fiancé" was faked, and everything he had told her earlier had to be overturned.

Leonardo didn't comment. "Check it, and you will know."

Summer stopped cutting and looked up at him.

Leonardo was wealthy and powerful. Even though it happened three years ago, it would be easy for him to investigate it.

Stanley was right. Her agreeing to Leonardo's conditions did more good than harm.

She could accompany Rosie and remembered her past.

Summer did not say anything more.

Leonardo was well-versed in this matter, so there was no need for her to talk more.

Leonardo seemed to find it interesting and stayed in the kitchen, watching her cooking.

Summer almost bumped into him when she picked up the plate.copy right hot novel pub