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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 39 I Can’t Admit What I Didn’t Do

Summer called Jessica.

“Did you buy the trending topic?”

“Didn’t you refuse it? Have you changed your mind?” Jessica said excitedly.

Summer explained, “No. I saw that Vicky’s topic was trending again.”

“Is it real?” Jessica made some noises. Summer guessed that she was browsing the posts on Weibo.

As expectedly, Jessica said, “I saw it. She deserved it!”

Summer felt it strange.

Who did it? Could it be someone else who was offended by Vicky?

It wasn’t impossible. Vicky always looked down on others. She had a bad temper and had offended quite a few people.

Summer didn’t dwell too much on this matter. She guessed that Leonardo should have finished his meal, so she went to look for him.

No matter what, she should have a talk with Leonardo about it.


The door of the study was closed. Summer knocked on the door.

Leonardo said in a hoarse voice, “Come in.”

Summer pushed the door open and walked in. She saw him sitting behind the desk with his back facing her at a glance.

She was puzzled. Leonardo didn’t want her to see his face. Why did he go out?

In her opinion, Leonardo was a hermit. He didn’t go out, didn’t pay attention to others and didn’t like talking to people.

Leonardo asked, “What do you want?”

Summer looked at him curiously, “Do you know what happened online?”

Leonardo paused and said coldly, “There’s no need to mention the past. As my wife, you’d better behave.”

Summer felt that his tone was very “Douglas”. Perhaps it was because they were cousins.

Summer heaved a sigh of relief when she went out.

Leonardo was strange. Fortunately, he wasn’t as psychopathic as those who had been traumatized. Otherwise, she would be in trouble.

She didn’t know why she wanted to go downstairs to the restaurant.

“Douglas” wasn’t in the restaurant.copy right hot novel pub