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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 389 Jump Together!

Summer kept looking at the photos.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through her mind. She looked up at Stanley and said, "Stanley, you are a therapist. You must be good at this, right?"

When it came to professional problems, Stanley became serious and conscientious.

"It's right that a specialist masters his own field. But most of the time, we just provide guidance to patients with mental disorders. Our treatment only plays an auxiliary part. Patients should depend more on themselves."

He called the waiter to fill his glass with water before continuing, "Why do you suddenly ask this?"

Summer thought for a moment and said, "I went to the hospital for an examination before, and the doctor said that I was recovering well. However, I still didn't recall anything. Since you are a therapist, is there anything you can do?"

Hearing this, Stanley fell into deep thought.

Summer looked at him expectantly.

It would be great if Stanley could help her regain her memories.

After a while, Stanley gave her a quite conservative answer, "Your amnesia is caused by brain damage. It has little to do with psychological factors. You can have a try, but it may not work."

Summer's eyes flashed with joy, "I'd like to try."

Even if there was only a slim chance, she still wanted to give it a try.

"Let's eat first." Stanley smiled and put more food in Summer's bowl.

They came out of the restaurant after dinner, and it was raining outside.

The Hoover City was a rainy city.

Rains were frequent during autumn.

Although the rain wasn't heavy, it was incessant and depressing.

Summer and Stanley returned to the car, their hair getting a little wet.

Stanley was chatting with Summer as he drove forward.

On rainy days, even the speed of the car was slow.

When turning around, Stanley slammed on the brakes, only to find that the car speeded up rather than slowed down.

No matter how hard he slammed on the brakes, it was useless. The car didn't stop.

His face turning pale with fear, Stanley honked the horn and shouted, "The brakes failed. Summer, jump out of the car!"

Summer also noticed that the car was out of control due to a brake failure.copy right hot novel pub