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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 386 How Can I Contact You?

According to Leonardo's serious expression, Summer could tell that something wrong had happened.

She did not say anything and looked up at Jessica.

In face of great pressure from Leonardo, Jessica summoned up her courage, "Summer is Rosie's biological mother. Rosie should know it."

Summer was not surprised as Jessica had mentioned it to her before.

She turned to look at Leonardo.

Leonardo happened to turn to her as well. They exchanged looks for a second before they looked away.

Leonardo snorted and asked with a faint smile, "What else?"

Jessica could only repeat what she had said to Summer, "Summer is your wife."

After she finished speaking, she carefully looked up at Leonardo and scrutinized his expression.

Leonardo had always been calm. As he currently remained silent and was emotionally stable, it was hard for Jessica to read him.

Jessica was a little nervous and quietly reached out her hand to pull Summer by the hem of her clothes.

Summer was the only one who probably could convince Leonardo.

Even though both of them had lost their memories, Leonardo asked Tim to investigate Summer. Moreover, he moved to a house opposite to Summer's.

What did that mean?

Even if they didn't remember each other, Summer was still special to Leonardo.

Some people were doom to fall in love, just like Summer and Leonardo. Although they had been apart and had forgotten each other by accident, there was a mutual attraction between them.

Jessica felt that made sense.

Given Jessica sought help from her, Summer pursed her lips and said calmly, "Although it sounds ridiculous, I believe Jessica...."

Even though Leonardo looked as calm as before, he tilted his head to Summer when she was speaking. It was obvious that he was listening to her.

If only he listened to her.

Summer paused for a while and glanced at Rosie.

Rosie, who was watching the cartoon intently, was not affected by them at all. She laughed as she watched.

Summer's face softened. She continued in a gentle voice, "The most direct and effective method is to make a DNA comparison test between me and Rosie.copy right hot novel pub