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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 385 Recognize Each Other

Summer looked at Vicky's back and remained silent for a long time.

Jessica heaved a sigh of relief. "She finally left."

She turned around and saw Summer was still staring in the direction where Vicky was. Jessica couldn't help asking worriedly, "Summer, are you alright?"

Summer was different from before. She didn't remember anything, so she might be frightened by Vicky.

Jessica felt that she was not cautious enough.

Summer turned around and asked Jessica, "Her name is Vicky Jarrett. What's the relationship between her and me?"

Seeing that Summer was so calm, Jessica felt relieved and said, "She's your half-sister."

"My mother is her stepmother?" Summer asked with a queer look.

Jessica nodded, "Yes."

Summer pondered for a moment, "Generally, stepmothers treat stepdaughters badly. Vicky seems to hate me very much. Did my mother abuse her?"

Jessica curled her lips, not knowing what to say for a moment.

How could it be possible? Karen treated Vicky better than Summer.

Meeting Summer's puzzled gaze, Jessica said, "No, I can't explain it clearly for a moment, but it's not the most important...."

Summer seemed to know what Jessica was going to say and interrupted her, "But Stanley said that he was my fiancé. I don't think he has lied to me. If he is my fiancé, how could I get married to Leonardo? I don't mean to question you. I just think...."

"Auntie Summer."

Rosie said in a lovely voice.

Summer turned around and saw Leonardo and Rosie walking towards her.

Rosie looked excited as she dragged Leonardo over with great difficulty. She moved rapidly with her short legs.

On the contrary, Leonardo was much calmer. He looked very leisurely and was pulled towards Summer by Rosie.

Summer was also a little surprised when she saw Rosie. "Rosie, why are you here?"

"Dinner." Rosie walked up to Summer and immediately let go of Leonardo. She looked up at Summer and replied obediently.

When Jessica saw Leonardo, she stepped back subconsciously.

Leonardo noticed Jessica.copy right hot novel pub