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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 378 Living Next Door

Tim couldn't help looking at Leonardo before leaving.

He just happened to see Leonardo peeling an egg for Rosie.

Before meeting Summer, Leonardo had nothing to do with qualities like being considerate or caring.

But now, he seemed to have got used to taking care of Rosie.

Apart from the aura of a noble man and business emperor, he also possessed the calmness that only belonged to a father.

Although Leonardo was already more successful and outstanding than most of the people, he was still making progress.

However, the fairness of fate was always seen from unfairness.

Tim did not stop for too long. He left only after a few seconds.

He had heard Carl talking about Summer.

After leaving the Golden Cauldron Club, he made a call to Carl to get the address of Summer while driving.

Then, he drove to the real estate agency where Summer lived.

He stopped the car opposite the entrance of the housing estate.

He did not get off the car. After sitting for a while, he saw Summer walking out.

She wore a white sweater and blue jeans today. Although she was thin, she looked energetic.

Tim and Carl had thought that Summer died in the explosion.

But now seeing her standing there alive, Tim felt a lump in his throat.

He calmed down and opened the car door. Then, he walked straight towards Summer.

"Hello?" Tim tentatively greeted.

Summer turned to look at him, "Yes?"

Tim's gaze lingered on her face for a few seconds before quickly moving away. He said in a polite tone as if he had met her for the first time, "Well, do you know if there is a house for sale in this community?"

"I'm not sure about that. You can contact the property management. I'll give you the number."

Summer felt that the person in front of her looked friendly. She took out her phone and showed him the phone number.

"Thank you." Tim kept the number and said earnestly.

"You're welcome." Summer turned around and left.

Tim stood there and watched her figure disappear in the crowd.copy right hot novel pub