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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 373 Remember Something

Leonardo, like an outsider, looked at Kate arguing weakly with his cold eyes.

Under his cold gaze, Kate cut off her further argument abruptly.

"Finished?" Leonardo taunted her.

Kate moved her lips but couldn't say a word.

Leonardo sneered, turned around and went upstairs to the study.

He closed the door and paced to the French window.

Outside the window was a cold rainy night. The street lights in the courtyard were dim. The trees and their dark shadows were overlapping.

It was still raining and even windy.

Leonardo stared out of the window for a while, and the scene of Summer and Stanley standing together suddenly flashed through his mind.

That scene was extremely ... unpleasant.

After Summer returned home with Stanley, she went to take a hot bath and changed her clothes.

When she came out, Stanley had already cooked a bowl of ginger soup for her.

Stanley brought the ginger soup to her and said, "It might be a little spicy."

Summer picked up the spoon and something flashed through her mind.

It seemed that someone had cooked her ginger soup before as well...

Her head felt a dull pain and the spoon in her hand fell back into the bowl with a clear sound. She closed her eyes and covered her forehead with both hands.

"What's wrong?" Stanley saw her reaction and hurriedly leaned over to check her, his tone filled with concern.

Summer's voice was a little weak. "My head aches..."

Stanley's eyes flashed as he heard this. "Did you remember something?"


The dull pain went as quickly as it came. She shook her head blankly and turned to ask Stanley, "Have you ever cooked ginger soup for me before?"

Stanley said with great interest, "You guess."

Summer couldn't help laughing. Stanley had always been cautious and thoughtful. He rarely joked with her like this.

She smiled and said, "You know I don't remember anything."

"None of that matters." After saying that, Stanley urged her, "Drink it now.copy right hot novel pub