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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 372 Do You Deserve It?

Kate's expression changed slightly. She knew nothing about it.

She and Amber were planning to make Leonardo believe that Amber was Rosie mother since he had forgotten everything in the past. Why not let the lie grow as it did?

With her help, Amber didn't need to take Rosie as a trouble.

"Maybe Amber was just a little careless ... Besides, didn't you bring Rosie back with you just now? She's fine..."

It was Amber's mistake after all. Although Kate subconsciously wanted to defend Amber, Leonardo's cold face silenced her.

Suddenly, Kate's phone rang.

"Kate, did Rosie return home? I took her out today. She got mischievous and ran away. I haven't found her yet...." She cried out of breath, and couldn't finish her words.

Kate looked up at Leonardo and said, "She is home."

"Really? I'll be right back!" Amber's voice was filled with undisguised delight.

Kate hung up the phone and pondered for a moment before she said to Leonardo, "Talk to her yourself. Amber will be here in a minute. After all, she is Rosie's mother. She must have felt terrible with it...."

Leonardo only looked at her expressionlessly without words.

Amber came very quickly.

She looked messed up. Her hair and clothes were drenched by the rain, and her makeup was spoiled. Kate's heart got tendered by her pale face.

After all, she and Amber had been good friends for many years. Seeing Amber like this, she ordered the servant, "Get a cup of hot tea and bring over a blanket."

"I'm fine." Amber shook her head helplessly. When she saw Leonardo, her eyes lit up and she walked straight towards him.

She reached out for Leonardo's hand who took a step back to dodge it.copy right hot novel pub