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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 368 Feeling Nervous

Summer couldn't help laughing. She reached out to gently touch the girl's hair and asked her, "You still remember me?"

The little girl nodded and stretched out her hands into Summer's embrace. She said sadly, "Look for Leonoodle..."

Summer was dumbfounded by this sudden hug.

The cute girl in her arms was hugging her neck and looking at her dependently.

Were children so easy to get along with people?

Women had no resistance to cute things, let alone a cute and obedient little girl.

The little girl spoke too fast. Summer did not understand what she said. She asked, "Who did you say?"

"Leonoodle." Rosie said seriously again.

Summer was stupefied for a moment. When she realized that the girl was mentioning Leonardo, she laughed out loud, "What's your name?"

"Rosie." Rosie said honestly.

Seeing that Rosie was so honest that she answered everything, Summer could not help feeling a little worried for her.

How could a daughter raised by a wealthy family like the Emersons be so honest? She'd better be shrewd.

Summer picked her up and asked her, "Did you come with your father?"

Rosie shook her head.

Summer was a little embarrassed. Where would she take Rosie to look for Leonardo?

They should go to the Emerson Group.

But she didn't know where it was.

Even if she knew, she might not be able to meet Leonardo.

At this time, they happened to pass by a restaurant. There were pictures of fries on the billboard outside the restaurant.

Rosie's eyes lit up as she pointed at the fries and shouted, "Fries!"

Summer could tell that she wanted to eat fries. It was already dinner time, so Summer carried her inside.

She didn't know how to find Leonardo and the Emersons, so she decided to take Rosie to dinner first.

Summer ordered some fries, fried rice and soup for Rosie.

Summer had never taken care of a child. When she took a spoon and wanted to feed Rosie, suddenly she saw Rosie had already picked up her own chopsticks and was about to eat.

Rosie clenched her left hand into a small fist and placed it on the dining table. Her right hand held the chopsticks in a standard posture. She opened her mouth and moved closer to the edge of the bowl, quickly putting the rice into her mouth.

However, she was still young. Half of the rice that she had put into her mouth fell to the ground, and the corners of her mouth were stained with rice.copy right hot novel pub