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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 365 Men Are Heartless

Stanley came out of the bedroom and heard someone in the kitchen.

He turned to take a glance at the next room and walked towards the kitchen.

Summer was wearing an apron and standing in front of the counter, cutting fruit.

Hearing the sound of footsteps behind her, she turned around and saw Stanley standing two steps away from her, looking at her with a half-smile.

Summer replied with a smile. "Good morning."

"What are you doing?" Stanley walked closer and leaned on the edge of the counter to look at the things on it.

A wisp of joy flashed across Summer's face. "I woke up early and came to the kitchen to take a look. It turned out that I could cook."

Last night, she went to the supermarket with Stanley and bought a lot of food ingredients.

When she bought the ingredients, she found that as soon as she picked out a kind of food, the way to cook it would appear in her mind.

The moment she woke up this morning, she decided to give it a try. It turned out that she could actually cook.

But this was not much of a surprise for her.

Her family was very ordinary, and she could cook. This meant that she might have lived alone in the past, and was self-reliant.

Stanley's gaze paused on her face for a moment. "There's no need to work so hard. You're still a patient now. I'll hire someone to cook later."

"It's nothing. I know my own condition. I feel very well now." After Summer finished speaking, she packed the fruit and said, "Alright, we can have breakfast now."

Summer placed the breakfast on the dining table and heard Stanley say, "I have to go to work later. I'll take you out for lunch at noon."

Summer shook her head and refused without thinking. "No need. I'll cook lunch myself."

Stanley didn't expect her to refuse so straightforwardly. He paused for a moment before shaking his head and saying, "I'll come back."

Summer said, "There is really not necessary. You are too cautious. Now I don't feel that I get amnesia, but I am a disabled person who can't take care of myself."

Stanley smiled and didn't say anything else.

Stanley went to work after breakfast. Summer cleaned the kitchen and went downstairs to dump the garbage.

She threw the garbage into the dustbin and was about to go back when she saw two figures sneaking around not far away.

It seemed to be a man and a woman.

The woman covered her face carefully, but man looked quite normal.

Summer looked at them doubtfully for a few seconds, hesitating over whether to call the security guard or not.

The woman ran towards her.

The woman was wearing high heels and running fast. Summer couldn't help feeling worried for her.

The woman ran over and gave Summer a bear hug, "Summer! It's really you! I thought Carl was lying to me!"

Summer did not understand what was going on at all. She was hugged by the woman for a long time, her body stiffened. Then she managed to say, "Miss.copy right hot novel pub