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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 36 No One Wants an Easy Girl

At the Jarrett’s.

Vicky leaned against the sofa and focused on her mobile phone. She paid to get Summer’s interview to be the top trending topic. She also paid an army of Weibo trolls to curse Summer. Even those websites that had held different opinions before began to turn hostile to Summer.

Vicky was photographed by the paparazzi. She always thought that it had something to do with Summer.

Now that she saw Summer being sworn, she was much happier.

So what if the paparazzi recorded a video of them? Their conversation in the video was just empty talk. But Summer had admitted that she was hyping in front of the media.

There was no way that ugly woman could beat her!

Vicky went online for a while and then went to sleep contentedly.

However, when she fell asleep, something unexpected happened at midnight.

She was woken up by a call from her friend, “Vicky, someone just posted a few videos and photos of you. What’s going on? Did you offend someone?”

When Vicky heard “videos and photos”, she had an ominous premonition.

She scratched her hair irritably and went on the Internet by her phone.

Everyone on the Internet was discussing her.

Her indecent photos and videos had gone viral online.

Although the Jarrett Group couldn’t compare to the Emersons, it was still a well-known enterprise. In Vicky’s friend group, many women were indiscreet about their private life although they had happy marriages.

In public, they looked like a lady. But actually, they did all sorts of dirty things in secret.

Vicky shook her hands and muttered, “How could they know…”

Many netizens sent her private messages to curse her.

“Bitch! Shameless!”

“How did you get the nerve to ask your sister to clarify and take the blame?”

Vicky was trembling with anger. And she swore at them too.

Suddenly, she thought of Jerome.

It was midnight, so Jerome wouldn’t see these videos and photos now.

But if Jerome saw them, they would be screwed.

She put on her clothes and knocked on Lynn’s door, “Dad, help me! We need to remove the trending…”

On the other side, Summer was on the bed with her computer. She was chatting with Jessica via video.

Jessica was a bully when she was in school. Now that she had become a star, she appeared to be cautious. But her love for drama remained unchanged.

She excitedly read the comments of those netizens.

“I knew that Vicky is not a good person. There are so many people helping her get away with it!”

“She looks like a lady. But I didn’t expect that she would be so dissolute!”

“Conspiracy Time. Her sister married into the Emersons because they knew that Vicky was messing around outside.copy right hot novel pub