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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 359 Frightened

Why Stanley said he was Summer's fiancé was just to test her. He didn't expect that Summer would ask him if it was true.

As an adult with basic common sense, he suspected that Summer might suffer from amnesia!

The relaxed expression on Stanley's face disappeared. He became very serious, "Doctor, can you take a comprehensive examination for her?"

The doctor in the ward saw Summer's reaction and put on a serious face.

The doctor quickly checked up Summer's body fully and asked Stanley to go to the office.

"Mr. Stanley, your fiancée, Ms. Summer, has no other problems other than her weak body. However, due to the severe brain damage in that accident, she suffered from amnesia...."

Stanley silently listened to the doctor's words and returned to the ward after thanking him.

Summer was sitting on the bed, holding the remote control to change the TV channels. The nurse who was changing medicine for Summer was whispering that she envied Summer having a fiancé who would never leave her.

The nurse changed the medicine for Summer. She turned around and saw Stanley standing by the door. She blushed and said, "Mr. Stanley."

Mr. Stanley was not only handsome, but also had a good temper. He was so affectionate. Everyone had been moved by his "love" for Summer. Otherwise, some nurses would have run after him long ago.

After the nurse left, Stanley walked to the bed and sat down, quietly looking at Summer.

Lying on the bed for three years, Summer was all skin and bones. Her face was sickly and pale.

Summer reacted slowly. She felt that Stanley was looking at her and slowly turned her head to look at Stanley.

Her gaze towards Stanley was very unfamiliar.

Summer asked him carefully, "They say your name is Stanley."

The nurse told Summer that she had been lying in bed for three years. The man in front of her, Stanley, had been guarding her all the time and had never abandoned her.

Stanley said that he was her fiancé.

But she did not remember him at all.

She couldn't remember if she had a fiancé called Stanley. She even couldn't remember her name.

She lost all her memories and past.

Her mind was so blank that she was frightened.

"Yes." Stanley answered and stared at her silently, not knowing what he was thinking.

Summer's finger unconsciously stirred the blanket, "They also said that you are my ... fiancé..copy right hot novel pub