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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 351 No One Can Go Back Alive!

The person who was robbed of the phone snatched the phone back and pushed Adams, "Why did you take my phone?"

Adams muttered to himself as if he hadn't heard it, and ran outside.

"He is crazy!"

"You're right. So many crazy guys in the world!"

Adams ran to the side of the road and got into the car, wanting to drive to the Emerson's.

However, his subordinate stopped him and said, "Mr. Adams, if you go to the Emerson's now, Leonardo will not let you off."

"Go away." Adams seemed to have lost his mind. He pushed his subordinate away, and drove towards the Emerson's.

Those days, he had every chance of escaping from this country.

However, his goal had not been achieved yet, so he could not leave.

He and Leonardo had the same blood.

Why did he have to live in the shadow for the rest of his life, while Leonardo was able to live a normal and healthy life?

Why could Leonardo be better off and happier than him?

The more he thought about it, the more painful and resentful he felt.

He wanted to ruin Leonardo's life and everything he had.

When he thought Leonardo would end up the same way as him, he felt great joy.

However, Leonardo had actually found Rachel.

Rachel was his!

Adams drove quickly all the way to the Emerson's.

The mansion was under the control of Leonardo's men. Once Adams arrived at the gate, Leonardo's bodyguards would inform Leonardo.

As soon as Adams got off the car, he ran towards the house.

But at the door, he was stopped by a bodyguard, "Mr. Adams."

The excitement in Adams’ eyes almost overflowed, but after he was stopped, he became exceptionally angry, "I want to see Leonardo. If he wants his daughter to survive, let me in now. Otherwise, I can kill her with just a phone call!"

At that moment, Tim walked over.

He looked at Adams in calm and said, "Let him in."

After the bodyguard walked away, Adams quickly walked in and grabbed Tim's clothes. "Where is Rachel? I want to see her!"

"I can understand how much you want to see Miss Rachel, but I'm sure you know very well how you can get the permission," said Tim calmly, without even blinking his eyes, even though Adams grabbed his clothes.

Adams snorted coldly and let him go.

Tim staggered and struggled to stand firmly, yet with his expression unchanged.

He straightened his clothes and said seriously, "Mr. Emerson said you still have three days left."

"No need for three days." Adams curled his lips and revealed an ambiguous smile, "Give me a pen and a piece of paper."

After hesitating for a moment, Tim had someone bring a piece of paper and a pen to Adams.

Adams wrote an address on the paper, "I'll meet him here in three days.copy right hot novel pub