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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 350 More and More Hotspots


Summer was stunned for a while before she recalled who this woman was.

She was Adams' neighbor in childhood and also his fiancée.

However, Douglas told her that Rachel encountered an avalanche when she photographed snowy images a few years ago. Nobody knew whether she was dead or still alive.

How did Leonardo find her?

Summer turned to look at him.

Leonardo did not say anything but led her to the dining table to sit down.

"Rach..." Summer did not understand why Leonardo didn't greet Rachel.

According to what Douglas told her, Leonardo should have a good relationship with Rachel. And in such a situation, shouldn't Leonardo say hello to her?

Rachel also sat down, "Hi, Mr. Emerson."

Leonardo asked her, "Have you finished reading all the information I gave you?"

"Yes." Rachel nodded slightly, and her voice was extremely soft.

Summer was confused and couldn't help but ask, "Are you really Rachel?"

Rachel touched her face, "Does Mrs. Emerson think I look like her?"

Summer shook her head, "I don't know because I have never seen her."

Rachel smiled slightly, looking elegant and gentle. Then she said, "I had gone through numerous cosmetic surgeries.”

Summer stared at Rachel in shock, and then suddenly turned to look at Leonardo.

Leonardo waved his hand and said to Rachel, "Leave us alone."

"Yes, Mr. Emerson." Rachel stood up and slowly walked away.

As soon as she went out, Summer asked, "What happened exactly? She is not the real Rachel."

As Leonardo helped her pick up the dishes, he casually explained, "Well, I found someone who is about the same size as Rachel. And I asked the best plastic surgeon abroad to alter her appearance. So, she looks exactly like Rachel."

Summer remembered the appearance of that "Rachel". She looked extremely natural and elegant. And she did not seem to be a woman who had undergone plastic surgeries at all.

Summer had never seen the real Rachel, so she couldn't judge whether she was totally the same as the real Rachel.

Also, people who had plastic surgery would get recovered slowly. That “Rachel” did not have any scars on her face. Clearly, she had undergone plastic surgery a long time ago and had recovered perfectly.

In other words, Leonardo had started to guard against Adams for a long time.

"You want to use her against Adams?" Summer looked up at Leonardo.

"As long as he is a person, he has a weakness." Leonardo put the cutlery into Summer's hand and said, "Enjoy your meal."

Summer held her cutlery and lowered her head to eat.

She ate less and less recently, so Leonardo urged her to eat more.

Summer didn't have any appetite.copy right hot novel pub