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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 349 Take You to Meet Someone

Leonardo whacked Michael so hard that Michael even spat out mouthfuls of blood, unable to utter a single complete sentence.

"You...." Once Michael opened his mouth, fresh blood would gush out of his throat.

"Leonardo, stop! You will kill him" Violet stepped forward to pull Leonardo, but he threw her away. Violet fell to the ground.

Violet propped herself up and sat up, stroking her chest, "Leonardo, I know we were wrong, but...."

Leonardo suddenly let go of Michael and turned around to look at her coldly. His voice carried an indescribable gloominess, "Do you know how Nathan died?"

Hearing him say this, Violet felt suspicious as her eyes flashed, "Nathan? Wasn't it an accident?"

She turned to look at Michael and asked, "Brother, did you have anything to do with Nathan's death?"

Michael lay on the ground, breathing heavily. He simply had no energy to reply to Violet.

Violet covered her face and cried bitterly, "I never wanted to hurt Nathan nor anyone, but back then, we did something wrong. We told a lie, made mistakes step by step, and used countless lies to make up for it...."

Leonardo didn't have the mood to listen to Violet's confession.

In this world, there were some mistakes that could be forgiven, but there were some that could never be corrected for the rest of the life.

Violet's life.

Some sinners were destined to be unforgivable.

Leonardo stood up and walked out without looking back.

As he opened the basement door, Tim stayed outside with his bodyguards.

Seeing Leonardo come out, they respectfully called out in unison, "Mr. Emerson."

"Find a doctor for him. Don't let him die." Leonardo said expressionlessly.

"Yes." Tim glanced at Michael inside.

The next moment, a "BANG" suddenly sounded from inside.

Leonardo did not turn around. Standing opposite him, Tim glanced again and said, "Mrs. Wilson killed herself by hitting the wall.copy right hot novel pub