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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 348 Increase the Price Halfway

Summer and Leonardo both turned to look at Carl.

Carl sat down on the other side of the bed and said, "The situation was chaotic. Leonardo sent you to the hospital, followed by Tim. I brought some people to chase after Adams, but we failed to catch him."

Hearing this, Summer was a little disappointed.

She propped herself up to sit up. Leonardo reached out to help her.

After the anesthetic effect passed, the pain in her wound became exceptionally obvious.

Although Leonardo was very careful in supporting her, Summer tore the wound. It was very painful. Dense sweat appeared on her forehead, but she pretended to be very calm.

She couldn't show her pain, because it would bring more pain to Leonardo than her.

But in front of Summer, Leonardo was so careful that he noticed her pain.

He lowered his eyes and wiped the cold sweat off Summer's forehead with a towel. His face remained dreary cold.

After Summer sat up, she said, "We have to find Adams. The child is no longer in Michael's hands, but was taken away by Adams. Adams has lost his mind now. We can't judge his thoughts from a normal person's thinking.... He just wants everyone to go to hell with him...."

When it came to this, Summer could no longer continue, tears rolling in her eyes.

If the child was in Michael's hands, as long as Michael wanted to control Leonardo, he would not do anything bad to the child.

But Adams was different. He didn't want anything. He just wanted everyone to suffer with him.

He could do anything to the child, depending on his moods.

Summer's throat seemed to be stuffed with a piece of cotton. She felt particularly uncomfortable and difficult to breathe.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly dropped to a freezing point, and no one spoke.

Leonardo's face clouded over. He turned around and poured a glass of water for Summer. He carefully moved the glass closer to her lips and fed her the water.

After feeding Summer water, he took a towel to wipe the corner of her mouth. He said solemnly, "I have a way to find Adams. Leave this matter to me. Take good care of yourself. Before you recover, I will definitely bring our child back."

Hearing this, Summer looked at Leonardo in surprise.

Leonardo held her hand and said, "Trust me."

Summer's wound healed well.copy right hot novel pub