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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 345 See Me Dead

Summer took a deep breath and almost asked Adams in a trembling voice, "Where is my daughter?"

Adams was a complete lunatic now.

If Rosie had been hidden by Adams and Michael, Summer could not imagine what the crazy Adams would do to Rosie.

Rosie was still so young.

Adams had a moment of enlightenment. "Do you mean that chubby little girl?"

Summer felt nervous as if her heart was being pinched by someone. She was even winded. "Do you know where she is?"

"Of course I know, because I stole the child." Then he denied, "It's not correct. I advised Michael to do it. He asked someone to steal the child, but I took her away. As for where the child is...."

He stopped talking and reached out to touch Summer's cheek.

Summer turned her head in disgust to avoid his touch, but she was tied to a chair. She could not avoid Adams’ hand even though she turned her head away.

Adams was enraged by her dodging and pinched her chin fiercely. "If you'd like to know the whereabouts of the child, you and Leonardo should play a game with me. If I'm happy...."

Suddenly, the warehouse door was pushed open.

Leonardo said in a low voice, "Adams!"

Adams and Summer looked towards the entrance of the warehouse together.

Leonardo still wore the shirt and trousers and looked weary. His hair was in a mess. His shirt sleeves were wrinkled and rolled up on his forearms. He had a murderous aura.

He saw Adams pinching Summer's chin. He narrowed his eyes slightly and said in a deep voice, "Let go of her."

Unexpectedly, Adams let go. He stood up and looked at Leonardo in a good mood. "As you wish."

Summer cried out worriedly, "Leonardo."

Leonardo turned to look at her and saw her slightly red and swollen chin where Adams had just pinched.

Leonardo became angry as he turned to look at Adams. "I'm here. Let go of Summer.copy right hot novel pub