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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 342 She Changed a Boyfriend Again

Summer paused and listened carefully what Stanley would say.

But after waiting for a long time, she did not hear Stanley's answer.

Summer turned around, seeing Stanley examining Vicky seriously. Summer did not know what he was looking at.

When Vicky saw Stanley staring at her, she flattered herself and thought Stanley had taken a fancy to her. She couldn't help raising her chin and looked back at Summer arrogantly.

Vicky's eyes were filled with pride and provocation.

Summer pursed her lips with dissatisfaction, planning to leave.

She heard Vicky's voice again. "Are you enough? Although I am prettier than Summer, I already have a boyfriend. I allow you to be attracted to me, but don't expect love from me."

Summer couldn't believe what she heard.

After being with Adams, Vicky became more and more confident.

Next came Stanley's voice. "Sorry, Miss, you have misunderstood. I just want to remind you that your eyes are empty and your body is severely damaged. No matter how thick your makeup is, you can't hide it. I'm not discriminating against your profession of being a whore. I just feel that your health is the first priority...."

Vicky was so angry that she cursed loudly. "What did you say? Are you crazy? I'm an actress, a star! Sure enough, for a woman like Summer, she can only find an ugly man like you!"

Summer did not expect Stanley to say this to Vicky.

She turned around and saw Stanley, who had just been scolded by Vicky, standing there calmly.

Perhaps sensing her gaze, Stanley winked at Summer.

Summer felt awkward.

Vicky noticed Stanley's movements and turned to look at Summer. "Are you proud? Wait and see!"

After Vicky finished speaking, she left angrily with her friends.

Stanley walked up to Summer with a regretful expression. "She's a star. If I knew it earlier, I would have recorded the conversation. Maybe I can sell it at a high price."

Summer shattered his fantasy. "You think too much. The recording of Vicky's swearing was worthless."

Vicky was notorious in the entertainment industry. So, there was nothing strange about her swearing at people.copy right hot novel pub