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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 337 Rumor

Michael smiled and said, "Leonardo is as skeptical as his mother. What happened to Charlie has already aroused his suspicion. Sooner or later, he will know what we did. Of course, I have to take precautions."

Hearing this, Violet let out a sigh of relief and relaxed a little, saying, "I was scared just now."

Michael patted Violet on her shoulder and said, "Don't worry, no matter how smart he is, he can't defeat me."

Violet frowned and still felt a little worried.

Everything had gone smoothly since “Lost City” started shooting.

Summer was usually on set, mainly because this was the first time for her script to be made into a TV series. Although it was only an online series, she was excited.

However, she hadn't been on set much recently.

It had been almost a month since “Lost City” began shooting. The first half had already been filmed, and the second half needed to be filmed elsewhere.

Because there were so many people on the crew, they needed time to make plans, so the crew took two days off.

So, Eliza invited Summer to have dinner together in the Golden Cauldron Club.

Summer happily accepted her invitation.

Although Eliza invited her, she even arrived a little later than Summer.

Summer waited for more than ten minutes before Eliza arrived.

"Sorry, traffic jam," Eliza said apologetically.

Summer shook her head and said, "Never mind, I've just arrived."

They ordered some dishes and chatted about the crew for a while.

Suddenly, Eliza seemed to remember something and asked her, "Have you heard of a rumor recently?"

"What rumor?" Eliza's family background was not bad, and she worked in the entertainment industry, so there were many channels for her to hear gossips about some wealthy families or celebrities. So, Summer was no longer surprised.

"It's about the Emerson family," Eliza said mysteriously.

Summer was astounded and asked, "What rumor?"

It had been days since she had seen Leonardo. When she called Leonardo, he was always busy.

And every time Leonardo called her, he would always say that he was busy and hang up quickly.

Therefore, she had rarely contacted Leonardo in the past few days, nor had she read magazines, so she had never heard of any rumors.

"Some people say Michael has the other woman secretly. And they even have a child." Eliza's tone became disdainful. "We thought that Michael was a devoted man. After his wife passed away, he hasn't married for so many years, and there hasn't been any scandal. But now...copy right hot novel pub