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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 335 He Keeps His Mouth Shut

Summer wiped the rain off her face, held the flowers and knelt. Then she put the flowers in front of the tombstone.

She looked at the tombstone for a while and softly said, "Mom, I am Summer. I have been with Leonardo for a long time. I'm sorry to have come to visit you so late."

After she finished speaking, she kowtowed three times in front of the tomb.

Leonardo watched her kowtow and then took off his clothes to cover her head. He pulled her up and asked her calmly, "How did you find this place?"

Summer pointed at Carl, who was panting and running over, "He brought me here."

Leonardo adjusted the coat covering Summer's head again, making sure that the coat could protect her from the rain so she could open her eyes. Then he helped her wipe the rain off her face.

"Summer, I suspect that you were an athlete before. Why did you run so fast?" Carl held an umbrella with one hand and put the other on his waist.

He walked over and gave the umbrella to Leonardo. Then he bowed to the tombstone and turned around, saying, "Why didn't you tell Summer you came here? She was worried about you."

Hearing this, Leonardo looked down at Summer.

He held the umbrella over Summer's head, and adjusted the coat covering her head carefully.

The white shirt Summer wore was very transparent after being soaked in the rain.

Seeing this, Carl hurriedly said, "Excuse me, I have to go."

Carl left, leaving Leonardo and Summer alone.

Only then did Summer have the chance to look up at Leonardo carefully.

Leonardo was not different from usual. Apart from being drenched in the rain, there was nothing wrong with him.

Summer thought for a moment. Back then, when the accident happened, it was winter, not summer. Therefore, today was not Leonardo's mother's death anniversary.

Something must happen to Leonardo.

That was why he came here alone.

After a while, Leonardo said in a hoarse voice, "I planned to bring you and Rosie to visit my mother when you were back from Sydney, but Rosie was missing. I'm afraid that she will be sad if she knows it."

His tone was low, and his eyes were dull. There was a depressing and gloomy aura on him.

Summer didn't know what to say, so she could only give him a hug.

Leonardo gently put his hand on her shoulder and quickly pushed her away. He took her to the grave and said in a gentle tone, "Mom, this is my wife Summer. We have a daughter, Rosie. I'll bring her to see you in the future.copy right hot novel pub