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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 330 Have Done Something Terrible

Douglas glanced at Summer and walked straight ahead. Summer had to follow him.

As she passed by Violet, she nodded slightly and called, "Mrs. Wilson."

Only then did Violet notice Summer.

She seemed to have forgotten who Summer was. She looked at Summer for a while before saying, "You are..."

"I am Leonardo's ex-wife, Summer." Summer stared into Violet's eyes and said slowly.

Violet was surprised. "So it's you."

"I still have work to do, so I'm leaving first, Mrs. Wilson." Summer walked forward to catch up Douglas.

When she found Douglas, he was standing in front of a fountain, with his back straight, but his head very low.

Summer walked up to him and saw water stains on the ground in front of him like tears.

Douglas was crying.

Summer handed him a tissue.

Douglas didn't take it and said with a sobbing voice, "My father hasn't had many activities these past few years. He held this exhibition because he quarreled with my mother. My father is quite nice and he never loses his temper. It must be my mother who did something very excessive."

"But when I asked them why they quarreled, she didn't tell me. She must have done something really bad, so that my father would leave home in a rage."

Summer did not expect there could be such a story.

Nathan and Violet had a quarrel and then he left home, but Violet did not tell Douglas why they quarreled.

Because of Adams' life experience, Leonardo went to Country M to look for Violet. He planned to talk to Nathan again, but Nathan had an accident.

This was the cause of the whole thing, and there seemed to be no clear connection on the surface.

"Come on. Don't cry." Summer wiped his tears with a tissue, "Anyhow, she is your mother. She cares about you very much. If there are any misunderstandings between you two, just talk with her when everyone calms down."

Douglas took the tissue and wiped his face. He did not respond to Summer's words clearly.

Obviously, Douglas was still blaming Violet.

He was blaming Violet for quarreling with Nathan, which made Nathan leave in anger and then had a car accident.

Douglas was currently in a dead end, so it was hard for him to hear what others said.copy right hot novel pub