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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 329 It Hurts

Hearing this, Adams asked, "Do you have his number?"

"Yes," Summer said after a pause.

She hadn't contacted Douglas since she came back. Occasionally, Douglas would send her WeChat messages, but the two of them would only have small talks.

After what had happened to Nathan, Summer was worried about Douglas. However, she could not directly go to him.

After all, she was "not Leonardo's wife" now. How could she know that Nathan had had a car accident?

Now that Adams had taken the initiative to look for her, he had given her a proper reason to look for Douglas.

Adams nodded slightly and said with gratitude, "Thank you."

"If I knew that Douglas was having a hard time, I would have gone to him myself without you telling me." Summer's tone was cold and distant.

Adams seemed to have thought of something. His expression changed slightly, but in the end, he only smiled.

After Adams left, Summer called Leonardo.

Leonardo was about to hold a meeting. However, after he found that it was Summer calling, he took his phone and got up.

He walked outside the meeting room and asked Summer in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

"Adams came looking for me just now."

"What did he want?" Leonardo frowned slightly as his tone turned cold. Obviously, he was also very wary of Adams, just like Summer.

"He told me about what happened to Nathan, and asked me to chat with Douglas when I had time," Summer told Leonardo what Adams told her.

After a moment of silence, Leonardo said, "Are you OK with it?"

"Of course." Summer paused and said, "Actually, I think Douglas likes you very much. If you have time, you can go and console him."

Although she and Douglas had spent some time together and they got on pretty well, Summer felt that at the bottom of Douglas’ heart, Leonardo would still be most special.

Leonardo's tone became a little colder as he said, "I don't have time. You can go and talk to him. I'm going to have a meeting soon, so I'm gonna hang up."


After hanging up, Summer became deeply in thought with the phone in her hand. 'Leonardo can't be blaming himself, right?' she said to herself.

At that time, Nathan was going to meet Leonardo. It was on the road at the entrance of the coffee shop where they had agreed to go that the accident happened. Nathan died on the spot.

It sounded a little unbelievable, but it was the truth.

Judging from Leonardo's attitude, he did not believe that the car crash was merely an accident.

“Forget it. I can't figure it out anyway.” Summer thought.copy right hot novel pub