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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 328 A Tool to Earn Money

Summer knew exactly how easy Leonardo would get jealous.

If she admitted that she had gotten herself a "new boyfriend", Leonardo would definitely be petty to her at that time.

A boyfriend and "a new boyfriend" were at least different.

After Summer finished dealing with the reporters, she did not have the guts to go to the Film and TV City again today. When she called Eliza, Eliza used the news to make fun of her.

"You're so trending these days, and you've saved our crew a lot of publicity fee."

"Since that's the case, can you consider giving me some dividends for the money earned from ‘Lost City’?" Summer replied calmly.

Eliza said angrily, "You are thinking about dividends now? ‘Lost City’ isn't even finished! When did you become a miser?"

Summer did not deny, "Nobody hates money. The more, the better!"

As she spoke to Eliza, she walked towards the parking lot.

Just as she found her car and pressed the unlock button, she heard a familiar female voice behind her, "Summer."

She turned around and saw Kate in a white suit.

"Are you talking to me?" Summer pointed at herself.

Kate raised her chin and said coldly, "Is there anyone else here?"

"Just say what you want. It's hot, and I'm in a hurry." Summer leaned against the car as she shook the car keys in her hand and then raised her hand to cover herself from the sun.

It was still very hot at the end of August.

"Although you have divorced Leonardo, you were once his wife. Please respect yourself. I don't care whether you are trying to humiliate yourself or not, but don't always think about riding on the wave of Leonardo's popularity. I don't want to see him lose face because of you."

Kate said righteously. Summer almost believed that Kate was a good sister who loved her younger brother.

Summer narrowed her eyes slightly. With a smile on her face, she said slowly, "What you're worried about is not whether Leonardo will lose face. You're afraid that this matter will hit the image of the Emersons, you yourself will be affected."

Kate interrupted her sternly, "Shut up. It's not your turn to judge what is happening between our siblings!"

Summer sneered, "Is that so? Well, it's not your turn to mind my own business, either."

"If you hadn't been despicably riding on the wave of Leonardo's popularity, I would never bother to mind your business! I don't care who you're with or what you're doing. Girl, you’d better be self-respecting."

Kate's face was filled with disdain.

Summer wasn't angry at all. She just thought it funny.

She knew what Kate meant. Kate was saying that every time Summer went viral online, she did it because of Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub