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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 326 Are You Losing Your Mind

Leonardo ignored Carl and just hung up the phone.

However, Carl didn't give up.

Although Leonardo had been ordering him around, Leonardo would give him a lot of dividends at the end of each year.

For this reason, even if Leonardo wasn't kind, Carl still treated him as his bro.

Leonardo received a message just after he arrived at his office and sat down.

He glanced at it and discovered that it was from Carl. However, he didn't check it but put his phone aside and started working.

Carl waited for a long time and didn't get Leonardo's reply, so he guessed that Leonardo didn't read the message at all.

He wasn't discouraged and called Tim instead.

Tim, who was printing a document, picked up the phone and asked, "Mr. Carl, what's up?"

"I'll send you a link to a piece of news on WeChat. You show it to Leonardo, and remember to calm him down."

"What?" Tim didn't understand what Carl was trying to say.

Tim wanted to ask again, but the line was busy. He shouted and got no answer, so he only hung up the phone and looked at the WeChat.

There was indeed an unread message sent by Carl.

Tim checked it and saw a link.

And soon, he received another two messages from Carl.

"You must show it to Leonardo."

"And calm him down!"

Tim was perplexed and wondered what made Carl so serious.

He clicked the link and was shocked by the headline in bold.

"Kissing Affectionately in the Car, Mr. Emerson's Ex-wife Got a New Boyfriend?"

Under the headline were a few photos.

In those photos a man and a woman were kissing in a car.

The man wore a green hoodie and a cap that people couldn't see his face clearly. However, it was easy to tell that the woman was Summer since she tilted her head slightly.

Tim was familiar with the two in the photos, so he recognized that they were Summer and Leonardo at a glance.

Besides, Leonardo's clothes were those Tim had picked for him yesterday, and they fit quite well.

Tim took his phone and went to look for Leonardo.

He arrived at the president's office and knocked the door.

Leonardo's low voice sounded, "Come in.copy right hot novel pub