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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 325 Summer Has an Affair

After finishing speaking, Summer turned around and continued cooking.

Leonardo walked to Summer and hugged her from behind. With his warm breath fanning the top of her head, he asked, "What are you cooking?"

"Your favorites." In his embrace, Summer couldn't continue cooking. She gently pushed him away with her elbows, "Let go of me. And don't interfere with my cooking."

Leonardo released Summer as she said, which was rare. Then, he stood beside her and watched her cooking.

He turned to look out the window and found that it was dark outside. He was too anxious to notice the time when he woke up and came to her.

He went back to the bedroom and looked at the time. It was already past seven o'clock.

He had a long sleep.

When Leonardo returned to the kitchen, Summer was about to serve the dishes.

After helping her with the dishes, Leonardo entered the kitchen again and then walked out with steamed rice.

Sitting at the dining table, Summer couldn't help laughing softly.

"What are you laughing at?" Leonardo looked up at her.

Summer shook her head, "Nothing. I just feel that you are so domesticated now."

Obviously, Leonardo was dissatisfied with her remarks, "Didn't I use to be domesticated?"

In the past?

In those days, Leonardo had been behaving like an arrogant young master.

When they lived together in the villa, he had never gone to the kitchen.

Summer pursed her lips and smiled, without answering.

After all, it was impossible for her to lie against her conscience.

With a snort, Leonardo began to eat.

As she had taken a nap at dusk, Summer lay awake at night.

Lying in bed, she spent time with her phone and then asked Leonardo about what had happened in Country M.

"When will Douglas and the others return?" Summer asked. Leonardo had said to her that they would come back soon on his heels.

Leonardo reached out his hand and pulled her into his embrace, "They set out today, and they will arrive tomorrow."

"Is it really an accident?" Summer was also suspicious.

Leonardo pondered for a moment and said, "That's what the police said."

"What about you? What do you think?" Summer asked as she read between the lines.

"What do you think?" Leonardo lowered his head and reached out to pinch Summer's nose.

Since Summer shook off his hand, he turned to pull her eyelashes with his fingers.copy right hot novel pub