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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 321 No Breathing

Leonardo returned to his room and recalled what Violet just said.

It made perfect sense without loopholes, but he felt that something was wrong.

Leonardo thought that he needed to meet Nathan.

Nathan and Violet got married when they were young, but their relationship had gradually deteriorated over the years.

In his memory, Nathan was a gentle and meticulous person with the romance of an artist. He became famous in his early years, but he wanted to accompany Violet and thus didn't care his career too much.

However, in recent years, he had been busy organizing exhibitions and participating in various activities. He didn’t even return to the Emerson's for the Spring Festival.

Leonardo made up his mind and went downstairs to ask a servant about Nathan's phone number.

When he used to live with Violet, he and Nathan were on pretty good terms, but after he returned to Hoover City, the two of them gradually lost contact, and now they no longer had any contact.

He dialed Nathan's number.

The phone rang several times before connecting.

"Hello?" Nathan's voice was very gentle, and Adams was like him on this point.

Leonardo said softly, "Uncle, it's me."

Nathan was a little surprised, "Leonardo?"

"It's me. Where are you now? Do you have time to meet and chat with me?" Leonardo hadn’t seen Nathan for many years, but he knew that Nathan would not reject his request.

Nathan was silent for a moment before he said, "Of course, but I'm not going back to Hoover City."

"I'm in Country M, your home."

Nathan fell silent again.

Leonardo did not urge Nathan, but waited for his reply quietly.

"Alright, my exhibition ends this afternoon. I will go home tonight, but don't tell your aunt about this."


Nathan would be back in the evening. The time was just right.

After hanging up the phone, Leonardo narrowed his eyes and recalled what Nathan said, "Don't tell your aunt about this."

He carefully analyzed this sentence with profound implications.

Without letting Violet know, Nathan was willing to have a chat with Leonardo.

However, Leonardo had never talked about anything from the beginning.

Apparently, Nathan knew what Leonardo wanted to talk about.

This was a tacit understanding between intelligent people.

In the evening, Leonardo and Nathan made a phone call and made an appointment to meet at a café in the city.

When Leonardo arrived, it was exactly six o'clock.copy right hot novel pub