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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 32 You Jaywalk to Scam?

Summer was mocking this reporter for her shameless act of asking people about their sex life in public.

The reporter who asked the question understood it too.

Lynn indeed paid these reporters. He wanted to take this opportunity to defend Vicky, so most of them kept asking Summer questions. However, this reporter was the only one who had asked about Leonardo to gain attention.

The Emersons had great power and influence. Ordinary people couldn’t afford to offend them. But some people wanted to walk a tightrope and risk their lives to provoke the Emersons.

The reporter got embarrassed from the laughter of the others. So, she gave up covering her intentions and said viciously, “You’re not pretty. How could you have married into Leonardo’s family if he is not impotent? You don’t have to hide it. If you could snatch away your sister’s fiancé to marry into a wealthy family, you will definitely cheat on Leonardo!”

Although Summer had not seen Leonardo until now, she did not want to involve him in these troubles.

Leonardo’s eccentric personality had something to do with his experiences. Whether he was good at sex or not, this should not be discussed by these people in public.

“Cheat on him? Is anyone more promising than Leonardo in the Hoover City?” Summer smiled, her eyes crinkling around the edges. Her tone became light, “And we’re good in bed. If you don’t believe it, you can ask my husband, Leonardo.”


The reporter thought Summer would swear angrily at her. However, she was defeated by Summer’s calm retort.

Ask Leonardo?

Not to mention asking Leonardo, they didn’t even have the opportunity to meet him. Even if they saw Leonardo, they would only cozy up to him. How could they dare to ask such a question?

Only then did the other reporters, who were eager to dig up some secrets, realize something. Summer was not just the third young miss from a small family company, who was not favored by her parents, but also a young madam who had married into the Emersons.

Although she did not seem to be favored by the Emersons now, who knew what would happen in the wealthy family?

As a result, these reporters stopped being sharp and asked much more tactfully.

“Are you intimate with your sister Vicky?”

Summer smiled, “When I was young, I liked her very much.” This meant she didn’t like Vicky anymore when she grew up.

“Your mother loves you sisters very much?”

“Yes, she’s fine.” Karen did treat Vicky very well.copy right hot novel pub