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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 317 Trending Topic

Summer laughed and called the waiter. She handed the menu to Jessica and said, "Help yourself."

Jessica didn't pretend to be polite. She ignored the price and ordered a lot of dishes they both liked.

After that, Jessica asked Summer, "Last night, what happened to you later?"

Summer asked in utter shock, "How did you know that Leonardo went out for me?"

"I know you well. Just as you left, Mr. Emerson chased after you. He must come to you. And you must have been waiting for him outside."

With that, Jessica said with a meaningful smile, "You know what? The moment you left, Mr. Emerson praised you for being enchanting... Let me show you how he spoke last night. Look."

Jessica cleared her throat. She lowered her eyes slightly, pretending to be cold and unapproachable. Then she curled her lips, looked at a side and lowered her voice to imitate Leonardo's tone. "That's my ex-wife. She's beautiful, isn't she?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Jessica couldn't help laughing. "I wanted to laugh when I heard this, but I could see Amber is not a simple woman. She didn't lose her temper at that time..."

Summer nodded. "That is Kate's friend. Of course she's not simple."

"Mr. Emerson is cool sometimes." With that, Jessica said with a worried expression, "However, Amber will definitely seduce him again. She hasn't become Mr. Emerson's girlfriend, but she looks as if she has married him..."

"Well, I see." Summer sighed. "It's been a long time since we had dinner together. Don't keep talking about those boring stuff.copy right hot novel pub