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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 315 My Time Is Precious

Kate did not like Summer, so when she saw that, she immediately strode over in anger.

Kate's stilettos made some crisp sound. Summer heard her drawing nearer, so she wanted to stop, but Leonardo bit her lips and whispered, "Don't you dare push me away."

Summer did not dare to.

Leonardo had always been good at threatening her.

What an arrogant and presumptuous man!

Leonardo opened his eyes. Noticing that Kate had already arrived, he suddenly pushed Summer off.

He had good control of his push, so Summer only staggered a bit.

Then Leonardo indifferently stretched out his hand to smooth his clothes. He said without revealing any emotion, "Summer, stop tracking me."

It sounded like Leonardo hated Summer very much.

However, Summer noticed a hint of triumph in his tone.

Leonardo must be proud of pushing her away.

Summer could only put it on. "Probably, I will keep bothering you for the rest of my life."

Leonardo's eyes lit up. He was happy that Summer had noticed the smile in his eyes.

Kate was furious about Summer's words. "Summer, as a woman, you should be less proud of that."

Summer turned to look at Kate and gave her an innocent smile. "Although Leonardo and I have broken up, I still have to respect you since you are an elder. This is our private business. Leonardo is already twenty-seven years old. Do you still have to interfere with his private business? Aren't you too nosey?"

The more Kate looked at Summer, the more unpleasant she felt. "Do you still think you're Leonardo's wife? It's none of your business whether I interfere."

"No, I know very well that I'm no longer his wife. So, I'm trying to win over his heart."

After finished speaking, she turned to look at Leonardo and smiled with narrowed eyes, "I think my ex-husband has already sensed how strongly I want him, right?"

She knew Leonardo liked her eyes the most, especially when she laughed, and when she stared at him intently.

So, after she stared at him for only a few seconds, Leonardo knew what she wanted. He stretched out his hand and pulled his tie. His eyes darkened, but he looked down to hide it from Kate and then said casually, "I will let it go since you was my wife."

Summer couldn't help smiling.

Leonardo sounded quite generous.

Summer glanced at Kate and said, "OK, it's getting late.copy right hot novel pub