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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 313 It's Challenging

Since Summer didn't say anything, Jessica remained silent.

Jessica pulled Summer to sit beside Carl.

Sitting on the other side of Carl was Leonardo. Beside Leonardo was a strange woman. Kate was beside the woman. The last one was Tim.

The strange woman had been talking to Kate, and occasionally to Leonardo.

With a cigarette in his mouth, Leonardo paid little attention to the woman.

Summer withdrew her gaze and felt Jessica poked her arm.

She turned to Jessica who pointed at her phone.

In the next moment, she received a message from Jessica.

"That woman is Amber Thompson, a friend of Kate's from overseas. Her parents are some government dignitaries. Her family background is fairly decent. Kate wants to make a match between Leonardo and Amber."

Amber Thompson.

Summer repeated the name in her heart.

Nice name.

The room was very quiet. Everyone held their glasses, drinking and chatting.

Summer lowered her eyes and did not look at Leonardo anymore.

Actually, this was not surprising.

Now that Leonardo was single to the public, the Emersons would definitely find him another woman.

Moreover, with Leonardo's current condition and family background, the woman the Emersons arranged for him would only be better.

A woman with amazing family background, good appearance and impressive capacity.

Only such a woman could match a man of the Emersons.

She just didn't expect it to come so quickly.

Seeing that Summer remained silent, Jessica whispered to her, "Don't you have anything to say?"

"No." Summer took a deep breath and whispered back, "What can I say?"

Hearing this, Jessica frowned.

Indeed, judging from Leonardo and Summer's current relationship, what right did she have to speak out?

With this thought, Jessica began to feel depressed.

As his girlfriend, Summer had to stand another woman being introduced to Leonardo.

If it weren't for the Emersons' intervention, Summer wouldn't have to endure this.

In front of Jessica, Carl was completely a puppy wagging its tail to please her.

He took a piece of fruit and asked Jessica, "Jessica, would you like one?"

"No.copy right hot novel pub