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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 310 Always Care About You

The identity and halo given to him by the Emersons required him to make contributions to repay it.

There was neither absolute justice nor absolute injustice in this world.

The more you got, the more you should give.

Leonardo bent slightly to the same height with Summer. His eyes were tightly focused on Summer's face. He said with a joyful voice, "You suddenly care so much about me."

Summer did not answer him immediately. Instead, she helped him tie up his tie carefully. Then she looked up and said seriously, "I have always cared about you, so you should cherish your own body."

"Yes." Leonardo nodded.

He pointed at his lips and signaled for Summer to give him a farewell kiss.

Summer shook her head. She did not brush her teeth and refused to kiss him.

Leonardo didn't care so much. He pinched her chin and kissed her.

When he let go, a mischievous smile flashed in his eyes. "A 'smelly' kiss."

Summer clenched her fists and hit him.

Leonardo didn't dodge. He just smiled and let her relieve her anger and then went to work.

Summer walked out of the door and watched his car leave. When she turned to the bathroom, she remembered that Leonardo had not had breakfast.

In the past, when they lived in the villa halfway up the mountain, Leonardo would always have breakfast before going to work.

He lived by himself now and there was no servant in the apartment. Summer didn't know if he would have breakfast when he went to work in the morning.

Summer thought for a moment and sent Tim a text message asking him to buy breakfast for Leonardo.

Leonardo went to work, and she also prepared to go to Film and TV City.

After Summer finished washing up, she drove back to her own apartment.

She made herself a simple breakfast, and while eating, she checked Adams’ Weibo to see if she could find his schedule.

She hadn't seen Adams’ Weibo for a long time.

In the past, when she clicked open every post on his account, most of the comments below were praise.

Summer casually clicked one post and found that half of the comments were harsh words criticizing him.

Ever since Adams terminated the contract with Tip Top Media Company, his popularity had not declined, but he just got both praises and blames.

Being involved with Vicky was the root cause of most fans giving up on him.copy right hot novel pub