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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 309 Erase Everything

Summer felt that Leonardo's focus was in the wrong area.

Although she did meet Jerome, shouldn't he pay more attention to the DNA report?

Summer had no choice but to say, "Yes."

"Have you gone deaf?" Leonardo put aside the DNA report and stared at her with a cold face.

"Let's not talk about this now." Summer only wanted to know if the report was about Adams and Michael.

However, Leonardo was very persistent. "I won't talk about anything else until you tell me that."

"Yes, I have met Jerome for something serious," Summer explained patiently. "We only talked for a while and had a meal. No big deal...."

"You had a meal with him?" Leonardo's face became gloomier.

Summer realized that she shouldn't tell him everything.

"It was just a meal." Summer pursed her lips as she watched Leonardo's reaction.

Leonardo sneered, "Last time, you accompanied him to a banquet. This time, you had dinner with him. What about next time? What are you going to do together?"

Summer felt that Leonardo was too rude and outspoken.

She always wanted to know about the secret of the Emersons and Jerome told her. It made sense to treat him to dinner.

"We didn't do anything else. We..."

Leonardo interrupted, "You are on his side now? You two are moving so fast!"

"Leonardo, I'm angry! You have to stop that." Summer's biggest pet peeve about Leonardo was that he was so easily jealous.

Leonardo said coldly, "I'm angry too."

Summer didn't know what to say.

She felt that Leonardo was too childish.

"OK, let's talk about the report.copy right hot novel pub