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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 308 Dream Scene

Summer did not have any feelings for Jerome now, but she could tell that Jerome spoke with total sincerity.

After Jerome finished speaking, she said, "Be yourself in the future. As for me, I already have Leonardo."

"Are you sure Leonardo is the one for you in the end?" Jerome had never been optimistic about her and Leonardo.

Summer thought for a moment and said in a very serious tone, "Anyway, I never thought of living with someone else other than Leonardo."

This was her simplest thought.

She couldn't imagine living with other men, so even if it was difficult now, she had to persevere.

Jerome smiled self-mockingly and said, "I see."

Afterwards, they began to chat.

Most of time, they were talking about the past. Jerome was speaking, and Summer was listening.

After the meal, they walked out of the private room and prepared to leave the restaurant.

At the entrance of the restaurant, they met Adams and Vicky accidentally.

Vicky held a grudge against Summer for rejecting her, so she would naturally ridicule Summer when she seized the opportunity.

Her gaze swept back and forth between Summer and Jerome. Then she immediately raised her voice and said, "You failed to seduce Leonardo, so you decide to return to Jerome, right?"

Summer had just received a DNA test report from Jerome, and now that she had met Adams, her eyes kept straying over to Adams.

When Vicky saw that Summer had been staring at Adams, she immediately stood in front of Adams and said, "What are you looking at? The grass is greener on the other side, right? Do you want to seduce Adams? You are shameless!"

Adams did not care at all and greeted Summer, "Hi, Summer."

Summer said politely, "Hello, Mr. Wilson."

On the other hand, Jerome looked at Adams with interest.

Due to their status and circles, there were very few opportunities for Jerome and Adams to meet.

Jerome got the DNA test report by accident, so he was very curious about Adams, Michael's illegitimate son.

He thought things were not so simple.

"Adams!" Seeing that Adams was talking to Summer, Vicky called out to him in dissatisfaction.

Adams lowered his head and looked at Vicky with a gentle expression, " Summer is your sister. Even if you don't have the chance to cooperate with her on ‘Lost City’, maybe you'll cooperate in the next play, won't you?"

Adams' words pleased Vicky. She immediately turned to be happy.

Summer narrowed her eyes slightly. No wonder Vicky went to audition for “Lost City”. It turned out that it was because of Adams.

Adams used to act in suspense movies, so he naturally had his own insight into the script.copy right hot novel pub