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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 305 I Understand

Summer was stunned for a moment and then glared at him with a wry face. "No."

Without another word, Leonardo stroked her head and turned to walk away in the darkness of the night.

When he was out of her sight, Summer went home with the car key.

The next day.

When Summer woke up, she habitually took out her phone and checked the Weibo.

To her surprise, she became a trending topic.

"Mr. Emerson's ex-wife is trying to win his love back."

'What the hell is this?'

Summer clicked the news.

"Mr. Emerson and his ex-wife were seen together at a banquet held in a high-end hotel last night. Someone guesses she is trying to win his love back..."

It was a lengthy article provided with details.

It was even illustrated with a few blurry photos.

The photos were taken at the banquet. The blogger even carefully highlighted the figures of Summer and Leonardo, and made up an imaginative story accordingly.

This was probably the power of the media.

She went to a dinner party by chance, and she didn't expect to meet Leonardo there.

And then they were photographed by the media, which was interpreted to be her efforts to win Leonardo's love back.

Summer scrolled down the screen.

"It's normal. No woman would be willing to give up a man like Leonardo."

"Does it mean that they have definitely divorced?"

"I feel like my chance has come."

"His ex-wife is quite shameless. She was even chasing him after the divorce."

Summer was unruffled by the comments.

She got up and went into the bathroom. Just as she came out, she received a phone call from Eliza.

When Eliza spoke, she teased Summer. "You are awesome! You keep making yourself a trending topic these days, and our TV drama will be a blockbuster."

Summer chuckled in amusement. "How can I stop the media from making up stories?"

"Well, I'm just curious. Have you broken up with Leonardo?"

Eliza mentioned this again, and Summer didn’t answer her, "What do you think?"

"I don't think so." Eliza said with certainty.

Then she continued, "If you have split up, why would Leonardo bear to be a trending topic with you?"

Eliza was so sensitive. Summer suspected if she was the woman who had followed the servants and sneaked into Leonardo's villa back then.

Summer said, "He just doesn't care about such a trifle."

"Is that so?" Eliza obviously didn't believe her.

Suddenly, Summer got another call.

Summer looked at the name of the caller and it was actually Leonardo.

"Sorry, I have another call coming.copy right hot novel pub