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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 303 A More Suitable Person

The conversation between the two women naturally did not escape Tim's ears.

Tim pretended to cough, interrupting their conversation.

When the woman thought that he worked for Leonardo, she realized that what she had just said was somewhat inappropriate.

After all, she wanted Tim to say a good word for her in front of Leonardo.

Just as she was about to say something to Tim, she heard him saying in a polite manner, "Sorry, excuse me."

She had no choice but to move aside.

Tim walked straight to Summer and said, "Ms. Summer."

Since he was used to calling her "Mrs. Emerson", he almost couldn't correct himself just now.

After a brief shock, Summer obediently called, "Mr. Knight."

Tim quietly looked around and whispered to Summer while others were not paying attention, "Mrs. Emerson, have you seen Mr. Emerson?"

"Yes." After Summer finished speaking, she saw Leonardo walking over from behind. She pointed behind Tim with her chin and said, "He's coming."

When Tim saw Leonardo, he let out a sigh of relief.

As soon as Leonardo arrived, he went to the restroom. Heaven knows how annoying it was for him to be surrounded by the group of women, who kept asking questions.

"Mr. Emerson," Tim hurriedly walked towards Leonardo.

"Hi." Leonardo replied and looked at Summer in a seemingly inadvertent manner.

Summer turned around and walked towards the other end.

Except Leonardo, Tim and Jerome, Summer didn't know anyone else at the banquet.

Naturally, no one took the initiative to talk to Summer, so she walked to an inconspicuous corner and sat down.

She chose a good seat. Sitting in a high chair, she was almost able to see the entire banquet hall.

Leonardo was tall and had a cold temperament, particularly conspicuous amongst the crowd.

A few minutes after Summer sat down, she saw women constantly chatting up with Leonardo.

Even though Leonardo treated them coldly, there were still constantly coming to attract his attention.

In the past, Leonardo did not attend events or banquets. Even if these women had the intention, there was no opportunity for them to chat with him. Now that Leonardo often appeared in public as a single man, these women definitely would not let this opportunity slip by.

Of course, Summer understood it.

However, those women looked at Leonardo as if they couldn't wait to swallow him. Seeing that, Summer was panicked.copy right hot novel pub