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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 302 You're Smart

Sitting on the toilet in the cubicle, Summer had a bad feeling when she heard someone knocking on the door of the cubicle one by one.

Could it be Jerome?

But after thinking about Jerome's personality, she felt that it couldn't be him.

Although Jerome had changed a lot, he was still a proud man. This had never changed.

Therefore, it definitely wouldn't be Jerome.

But who was it?

By this time, the person had been outside her cubicle, knocking on the door.

The sound came two or three times in a row. She could feel the steady rhythm which gave away the stable personality of the person who knocked.

Summer's heart skipped a beat.

It might be Leonardo....

A person's sixth sense was such a strange thing.

There was still a door between them. They did not speak, nor could they see each other. Summer was sure that the person outside was Leonardo.

Summer pinched her nose and lowered her voice. "Who is it? I'm not finished yet."

The next moment, Leonardo's slightly gloomy voice sounded from outside. "Do you want me to help you?"

It was really Leonardo!

Summer patted her forehead.

How did Leonardo find this place?

He couldn't have installed a GPS positioning system on her.

Summer decided to defend herself. "This is a women's toilet. What are you doing here? If you don't go out, I'll call the police. I...."

Leonardo interrupted her. "Come out by yourself, or I'll kick the door, you choose."

His tone was extremely cold. Summer almost shivered.

Could she choose neither?

However, her body made the choice faster than her brain.

The door opened.

Leonardo's gloomy face appeared in front of Summer.

He stared at Summer, raised his eyebrows slightly, perfectly composed.

Summer took a swallow and tried her best to sound as natural as possible. "Why are you here.... It is such a coincidence..copy right hot novel pub