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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 300 Because of Leonardo

The glimmer of smile deepened in Jerome's eyes, "Tell me your phone number."

Summer gave Jerome her phone number.

After storing the number into his phone, Jerome said, "Are you going back now? Let me drive you home."

Summer, of course, would not get on his car.

"Don't bother. I can go back by myself."

Jerome did not force her. "Goodbye, then."

Seeing Jerome's car off, Summer took a taxi home.

After taking a shower, she received a phone call from Eliza.

Eliza asked as soon as Summer answered the phone, "Did Bowen say anything after I left?"

"What do you expect?" Summer took the rare chance to tease her.

In fact, she knew that Eliza liked Bowen.

However, she was rather surprised. Bowen seemed to have been born into a poor family. Judged by the way he acted, he was a stable man, calm but not dull.

It was easy for a woman to fall in love with him.

Eliza looked extremely anxious. “Tell me quickly if he said anything!"

Summer advised her, "Why don't you ask him yourself?"

"Well, it's a long story," Eliza sighed.

In the end, Summer told her the truth, "He did ask me what we had talked about, but I asked him to go to you. Are you happy with that?"

After a moment of silence, Eliza said at the end of the phone in a faint voice, "I don't think he will come."

Jerome had mentioned that he wanted Summer to do him a favor in a few days.

But in the end, Summer was informed that she should accompany Jerome to a banquet.

When Summer knew it, she refused at once. "You can find someone else. I can't help you with this."

Leonardo had asked her not to meet Jerome.

How could it be possible to drive Jerome out of her sight? But she could refuse to attend the banquet with him.

Although the Patels wasn't as powerful as the Jarretts, it still had a say in the Hoover City. She did not want to see gossips spreading again after she showed up with Jerome in the banquet.

Jerome seemed to have anticipated that she might refuse early on, so he calmly replied, "You promised me earlier. You never go back on your words."

"But I can do it now." Summer rejected firmly.

After a long silence, Jerome stared at Summer for a while and said in a ridiculed tone, "Because of Leonardo?"

Summer stiffened for a moment without saying anything.

Everyone thought that she had truly broken up with Leonardo, but Jerome did not think so.

Jerome did not mind Summer’s silence. Instead, he leaned closer to her and said softly, "Summer, I know you better than anyone else. I know what you are thinking and what you want."

Summer was not used to men other than Leonardo being so close to her.copy right hot novel pub