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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 299 Crazy

More than half a year ago, because of Charlie, the Jarretts had tried their best to clear their relationship with Summer. They were afraid that the family would be implicated. Without notifying Summer, they directly published a report on the newspapers to end the father-daughter relationship.

The Jarretts always ranked their own interests first. Summer was not surprised about that, nor did she feel much hurt.

After all, her expectations had long since disappeared.

At that time, the incident had caused a lot of commotion, and everyone present was working in the entertainment industry. Naturally, they had also paid attention to it.

A smart person could understand briefly that the Jarretts had come up with such a plan for fear of being implicated by Summer.

Although most people would probably do the same thing as Lynn under such a situation, it was still not an honorable act.

So, the Jarretts was naturally looked down upon.

And Vicky was mocking at Summer on purpose, so obviously that even a fool could know her ill intention.

The actresses with devoted fan bases could get on the current status, indicating that they were not simple and stupid. They just smiled and didn't say anything.

Vicky also read the online reports and was more inclined to believe that Summer had broken up with Leonardo. As for the meeting in the supermarket last time, she had selectively forgotten it.

At first, she wanted to laugh at Summer, longing to see the furious complexion on Summer's face, but Vicky didn't expect that she would be ridiculed by others now.

She looked in the direction of those actresses and snorted, "What are you laughing at?"

Those actresses also had some backers, so they didn't even put Vicky in their eyes.

No one in the entertainment industry was simple, let alone a woman.

"Do you think the Golden Cauldron is yours? We just felt happy and laughed. Why do we need your permission?" asked one actress.

She was an actress, who could narrate these sharp words in a blank and indifferent tone. Vicky was enraged to the extreme.

"Who do you think you are? How can you talk to me in such a tone?" With that, Vicky turned to look at Adams, who was standing beside her, as if she wanted Adams to speak up for her.

Everyone in the entertainment industry knew that Adams had been loosening up for the past six months.

First, he had cancelled his contract with Tip Top Media Company, and then he had started a relationship with a woman whose reputation was as rotten as a ditch. His reviews were getting worse and worse, and the scripts he got also became terrible, but it didn't decrease his status much.

Adams did not intend to speak for Vicky. He only raised his wrist to check the time and said, "I have something to do. I'll go now."

With that, Adams turned to look at Summer and said in a gentle tone, "How do you get back, Summer? Shall I drive you to home?"

He just called her "Ms. Summer", but now, he directly called her by her name.

Such a change on the close address reminded the people present of the scandal between Summer and Adams.

There might be a story between the two.

Summer was sure that Adams had done it on purpose.

Adams knew that she and Vicky were incompatible, so he had deliberately done this to increase Vicky's hatred towards her.

"Sorry, Mr. Wilson. I'm not that familiar with you." With that, Summer did not stay any longer and walked straight out.copy right hot novel pub