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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 298 Pretend to Be Friends

When the work with the crew finished, Eliza came to Summer and said mysteriously, "Go to a dinner party with me tonight."

"What dinner party?" Summer asked as she looked for her cell phone in her bag.

Eliza explained, "It's a formal dinner. We just need to eat."

Summer answered straightforwardly, "Alright."

Because of Eliza's background, people in the circle would treat her with respect. Eliza was not impetuous. If she said it was a formal dinner, then it must be true.

It wasn't until Summer got in the car that she remembered to ask Eliza, "Where are we going to have dinner?"

As Eliza drove, she replied, "Golden Cauldron Club."

Golden Cauldron?

Summer was slightly stunned by the familiar name.

She used to have meals at Golden Cauldron.

She hadn't gone there since she came back. And now she was a bit surprised to hear it mentioned by others.

While waiting for the traffic light to change, Eliza looked Summer up and down and asked, "Are you sure you don't want to change your clothes and do your hair?"

"No. I'm fine with this." Summer turned her head to look out of the window and answered absent-mindedly.

Since she often went outdoors, Summer loved to wear long shirts and trousers. It had been a long time since she wore a dress.

Wearing a dress was inconvenient for her to work.

After pondering for a while, Eliza asked, "Alright. Are you heartbroken after being dumped by Leonardo? Don't you want to find another man?"

Summer did not expect that Eliza would bring up this topic. She replied casually, "Let's talk about it next time."

They continued to chat and soon arrived at the Golden Cauldron Club.

Summer couldn't help looking around as soon as she got out of the car.

Leonardo often came here for dinner, so Summer thought she might meet him.

"What are you looking for? Let's get in there." Her thought was interrupted by Eliza.

"Alright." Summer hurriedly replied and followed her.

When they entered the private room, they saw a lot of people.

There were men and women, including a few girls that often appeared on big screens lately.

Eliza leaned over to Summer and whispered, "Look, the one in the white shirt had cosmetic surgeries. And that one in a pink dress had a fake diploma...copy right hot novel pub