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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 291Take it Easy

Hearing Leonardo's voice, Summer was in a trance for a moment.

After Leonardo called her name, he didn't say anything else.

They were silent for a while before Summer broke the silence and said, "I went to the set today."

Leonardo's tone did not change. "Got it."

It wasn't a secret that Summer returned to Hoover, nor did she cooperate with Eliza and go to the opening ceremony of ‘Lost City’.

People in the news industry were all exceptionally alert. It was impossible for Summer whose life was full of drama to be ignored by the media.

At the beginning of the year, Mr. Charlie's case caused a storm in the city. Then she set fire to Leonardo's villa, and it was said that she was burned to death.

These words are very controversial.

Summer did not know how Leonardo handled it. She only knew that there was no trace of the incident between her and Mr. Charlie on the Internet.

Everything was clearly deleted.

More than half a year had passed, and no one was discussing it anymore.

Although it was over, there was still no definite solution in the end.

The media didn't dare to bother the Emersons, but they could ask Summer.

Leonardo did not have the slightest intention to tell the truth, so Summer directly said, "Did you send people to drive away the media?"

Those media definitely wouldn't let go of any opportunity to interview her. After the opening ceremony, no one came to interview her. They must have been told not to do so.

At Hoover, except Leonardo, who else had the ability to do that?

Leonardo heard her words but remained silent.

Silence denoted consent.

Summer took a deep breath and said, "This is my own business. I know how to handle it. Just take good care of yourself."

She had thought carefully. Leonardo was in a bad situation.

She didn't know what secrets the Emersons had, but it was clear that all of this was aimed at Leonardo.

After a while, Leonardo said in a low voice, "Summer, take it easy."

Summer's heart beat strongly. She was stunned for a moment before hanging up the phone abruptly.

In fact, she was already prepared to be besieged by reporters. They would definitely ask her about Mr. Charlie.

It was very likely that Rosie had been taken away by some Emersons. If she said something inappropriately in front of the media, those people would definitely come looking for her.

Only through the Emersons could she find out where Rosie was.

She could not remain passive all the time. She could not just sit there and wait for the bad results.copy right hot novel pub