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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 29 He Deliberately Flirted Her

Summer had been pretending to be stupid and ugly in front of the Jarrett family for so many years. These people in the Jarrett family had been completely used to her silly appearance.

As a noble family that had lasted for a hundred years, a servant of the Emerson family was very smart, not to mention their masters, Leonardo and "Douglas".

It was impossible for her to deceive them by pretending to be stupid, so she had no intention of pretending to be stupid from the beginning.

Therefore, as long as she left the Jarrett family, she didn’t pretend any more.

Leonardo turned his head and saw the relief on her face.

She seemed to be afraid of having something to do with "Douglas".

Although he knew that what she disliked was a fake "Douglas", he was somehow upset.


When the car braked sharply, the tire rubbed against the ground, making a harsh sound.

Due to inertia, Summer suddenly leaned forward and then was bounced back into the chair.

Looking very embarrassed, Summer resisted her anger and turned to look at "Douglas", "What are you doing?"

"I didn’t brake on purpose," Leonardo said innocently.

"You..." His insincere explanation let Summer speechless.

He was such a powerful master that she could do nothing but bear.

Leonardo watched Summer repress her anger, and he thought her expression was a little funny.

Summer felt that she was unlucky as long as she met "Douglas", so she was more determined to stay away from him.


The car stopped at the door of Leonardo’s villa.

After saying thank you, Summer immediately opened the door and ran into the villa.

She asked the bodyguard standing at the door, "Is your master at home?"

She dared to return to Jarrett’s home because she had the self-confidence that she could leave there safely. But she was still grateful to Leonardo for letting "Douglas" pick her up.

The bodyguard took a look at Leonardo, who was coming to them with the car key. He said casually, "Master has gone out to work and hasn’t come back."

"Oh..." Summer had a pause and then said, "If he comes back, let me know."

She wanted to thank Leonard face to face.

"Yes," the bodyguard said respectfully

Leonardo came over and stared at Summer’s back and said to the bodyguard, "What did she say?"

"Madame wanted to know whether you were at home or not. And when you come back, let her know.copy right hot novel pub