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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 289 Surrounded by the Media

Summer pursed her lips and took a deep breath. "Let's split up for the time being," she said.

Leonardo narrowed his eyes slightly, his expression somewhat dangerous, "What do you mean?"

Compared to Leonardo, Summer was much calmer. "We are not a registered couple right now. There's no need to for us to live together. Let's wait until we find the child."

During this period of time, she was already exhausted.

Leonardo spent a month and found nothing about the child.

If she stayed here, what else could she do besides endless waiting and suffering?

As for the matter between her and Leonardo, she did not have any extra energy to deal with it before the child was found.

Leonardo was very stubborn, "We can be lawfully bonded at any time."

On this matter, Summer did not compromise, "Either you let me go, or you will let the bodyguards on the third floor to look at me like before."

She was a mother who couldn't even protect her own child.

Every time something happened, she would always be in a completely passive state.

She didn't want to suffer anymore.

Her words seemed to have angered Leonardo.

His expression instantly became exceptionally gloomy, and Summer's heart sank slightly.

Would Leonardo let her go?

However, Leonardo said, "Alright."

Summer was a little surprised. She never thought Leonardo would really agree.

But very quickly, his last sentence made Summer's heart sink again.

Leonardo added, "But I have one condition."

"What condition?" Summer looked at him vigilantly.

A smile flashed in Leonardo's eyes as he gently opened his mouth and said word by word, "Let’s get a marriage certificate first."

Summer's eyes widened, "What?"

She almost wondered if she had heard wrongly.

Was she not clear enough, or did he misunderstand anything?

Summer didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Say it again."

Of course, Leonardo did not say it again. Instead, he said, "How can we register our baby’s residence without getting married?"

Summer was stunned.

Summer had never thought that she would use this reason to get a marriage certificate with Leonardo.

The day they received their certificates, they went to register the child.

There were three people in the household register book.

Head of Household: Leonardo.

Wife: Summer.

Daughter: Rosie.

When Leonardo saw that she was absent-minded about the register book, he said, "I thought of this name a long time ago.copy right hot novel pub