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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 286 Take Care of Her

Leonardo's words shocked Summer for a while before she reacted.

After a while, Summer asked with a puzzled look, "You said that you didn't take my child away, didn't you?"

When she questioned Leonardo that day, he denied it.

Summer wavered and suspected that she guessed wrong.

However, she really couldn't think of anyone else who would take her child away from her.

Summer had some doubts, but she didn't expect Leonardo to admit it frankly and even threatened her.

Leonardo still wore a poker face, and his eyes were cold. "Of course, it's me. Who else would take her away?"

Summer pursed her lips and squeezed out some words, "You wicked man!"

"So, you'd better obey my order now." As Leonardo spoke, he reached out to touch Summer's face.

Summer turned around and dodged his hand, her eyes filling with disgust.

Leonardo threatened Summer with the child and it worked out.

In the following months, Summer neither cried nor made any trouble. She took good care of herself.

Apart from that, she did not speak to Leonardo.

Although Leonardo was angry at Summer's coldness, he had never lost his temper with her.

Even Summer admired Leonardo's patience.

Early in the morning, when they were having breakfast, Leonardo said suddenly, "We will return to Hoover City tomorrow night."

Hearing this, Summer finally spoke to him for the first time this month, "Can I see my child when I go back?"

Leonardo did not say yes or no, and glanced at her, "You haven't returned yet, but do you want to strike a bargain with me?"

Summer shouted angrily, "Leonardo!"

Leonardo looked down and slowly cut the egg on the plate. His voice did not contain any emotion, "You are not entitled to negotiate with me."

Summer clenched her hands and stared at Leonardo, unable to utter a single word.

The next night, Summer and Leonardo boarded the plane back to Hoover City.

The plane landed at the International Airport of Hoover City in the early morning.

Neither of them informed anyone of their return, but they saw Carl and Jessica at the airport.

Jessica had been a little busy in the past six months, so she was tired but looked very energetic.

"Summer, welcome back." Jessica walked over and gave Summer a hug.

Summer reached out and patted her back.

After letting go of Summer, Jessica carefully looked at Summer from head to foot and said, "Why do you look so thin?"

Jessica remembered that she looked quite good when they made a video call before Summer gave birth.copy right hot novel pub