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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 285 No Choice

Since her child had disappeared, Summer didn't want to rest at all.

Moreover, she was very certain that Leonardo had taken the child away.

She had no foes in Sydney, and the people beside her all worked for Leonardo. Other than Leonardo, no one could take her new-born baby away.

Just now she was immersed in the joy of becoming a mother, but when she woke up, she found her child disappeared.

Summer was falling apart, "Leonardo, I beg you. Give my child back to me. She was just born and so young..."

Leonardo had never seen Summer like this before.

Even though she had been bullied so much by the Jarrett family in the past, he had never seen her crying before.

A hint of panic flashed through his usually calm eyes.

It took him so long to find his voice, "Summer, calm down and listen to me."

"No, I just want my child." Summer shook her head, with tears streaming down her face.

Leonardo felt as if a fishbone had got stuck in his throat, and seemed unable to speak.

He didn't take the baby, but she was gone.

Summer cried so hard that she attracted the nurse.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying after giving birth?"

Leonardo looked up to the nurse, who was so frightened by his cold gaze that she flinched and hurriedly turned around to leave.

Leonardo had no way but to have Summer sedated by the doctor, so she could fall asleep.

Summer was lying on the bed, her face still stained with tears. Even when she was asleep, she frowned tightly.

Leonardo stretched out his hand and gently pressed it between her eyebrows. Only when her knitted eyebrows relaxed did he flick the hair back from her face and bend down to kiss her forehead.

Summer's due date was scheduled for next week, so he arranged everything and came here in advance.

However, he did not expect Summer to give birth a week earlier.

Knock! Knock!

Leonardo heard soft and regular knocks at the door.

He knew it was Tim.

He glanced at Summer, who was lying on the hospital bed, before he got up and walked out.

Summer was staying in a senior ward with a small hall outside.copy right hot novel pub