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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 284 This Is Not My Child

Summer squinted at the child in front of her.

People said the newborn's face would wrinkle up and look ugly, but her daughter didn't look ugly at all.

The doctor beside Summer couldn't help saying, "It's rare to see such a beautiful baby."

Summer smiled softly and then closed her eyes weakly.

When she woke up again, it was night.

The room was bright.

Summer was confused for a moment before she recovered herself.

Douglas, who was by the side, saw her wake up and hurried over, "Summer, how are you?"

Summer merely looked at Douglas in silence.

Douglas frowned, "Leonardo hasn't answered my phone."

Summer's eyes darkened.

"Mrs. Emerson, would you like some water?" The maid walked over.

Summer nodded and took a sip. She looked around the ward, but did not see her child, so she turned around and asked, "Where is my baby?"

The maid said, "She cried just now. I was afraid that she would disturb you, so I carried her out."

Hearing this, Summer frowned slightly, "Bring her back."


The maid went out and brought the child back soon.

Summer leaned against the bed and took her child.

The baby had fallen asleep. Her face was no bigger than a hand and wrinkled up. The baby looked...different from what Summer had seen earlier.

Summer looked at the baby's face carefully. The more she looked at the baby, the more she felt that this child took after neither her or Leonardo.

After a while, Summer put the baby down and said with a pale face, "This is not my child."

"Summer, what are you talking about?" Douglas walked over and looked at the baby. Newborn babies looked the same, didn't they?

A noise came from outside, "Where did you take my child? I will sue you. I'm not done with you..."

Summer instructed the maid, "Go and see what's going on."

The moment the door was opened, Summer heard the woman's voice again.

The woman said that her child had disappeared.

Summer glanced at the baby lying on the bed and found that a name tag with the baby's name was on the baby's clothes.copy right hot novel pub