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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 278 I Feel Sorry for You

The traffic light just turned red. When Tim looked at it, he discovered that Leonardo was referring to the people standing behind Summer in the photo.

Tim did not feel anything unusual.

"They are just passers-by," Tim said.

Leonardo looked at it and said seriously, "I have never seen these people before."

"What?" Tim was puzzled.

Leonardo had never been to Sydney in the past few months. He had only seen Summer in the photo.

Had Leonardo remembered all the people who had appeared in the background of Summer's photos?

Tim was still in surprise when he heard Leonardo saying calmly, "Have someone investigate who these people are and watch them carefully."

"Yes, sir," Tim replied.

He drove the car to the apartment.

Leonardo entered the building and then Tim left.

Leonardo opened the door and it was pitch black in the room.

He turned on the lights and went straight into the bedroom.

Summer's photos were all over the room.

These photographs had been taken by his subordinates in Sydney in the past few months. Some were clear while some blurry.

Leonardo hadn't deleted any photograph and developed them all even though some were very blurry.

Leonardo took off his coat and slowly rolled up his sleeves onto his forearm. He walked over to the printer with a cable, connected his phone and started printing today's new photos.

Summer was awakened by the deafening music in the midnight.

She opened her eyes in the darkness in confusion. Then she recognized that the music came from next door.

She knew that young people were energetic, but that was not the reason to disturb people by throwing a party in the midnight.

Summer got out of bed. She walked to the window and lifted a corner of the curtain to look out.

There was only a fence between her house and the next house. From her room she could see the burning campfire in the yard next door, and the people sitting round.

The campfire was very bright and not far away. Summer recognized several youths who she had seen at the door when she went out for dinner.

She remembered their figures and the clothes they had worn during the day.

This area was very far from the city. Most of the people living here were retired people, so those youths were very conspicuous.copy right hot novel pub