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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 272 Secrets

As soon as Summer got into the car, the driver stepped on the accelerator and drove the car at full speed.

However, the car drove steadily, and Summer didn't feel any discomfort.

She looked ahead at the driver and found he was a stranger.

Summer asked, "Who sent you to pick me up?"

"Mr. Patel," the driver answered respectfully, as he concentrated on driving.

Summer frowned, "Who is Mr. Patel?"

The driver didn't answer Summer. He only said, "Mr. Patel said that you knew him."

Did she?

Summer was indeed familiar with the license plate number.

However, she couldn't recall whose it was.

Summer pondered and went through all the people she knew in her mind. Suddenly, it occurred to her who the owner of the car was.

After knowing who was helping her, Summer had mixed emotions.

Suddenly, the driver said, "I will stop at the intersection ahead. Ms. Summer, you can get on the white car after you get off."

Summer narrowed her eyes and saw a white car parked by the roadside.

Then she was somewhat confused.

The person who helped her was someone Summer did not want to get involved with.

But Leonardo was following her behind. If he chased up her, Summer wouldn't escape.

Summer wanted to escape from Leonardo. Moreover, Summer disliked owing to someone who she didn't want to contact. But clearly, the former was more attractive.

Thus, when the driver stopped, Summer got off and got into the white car without hesitation.

The white car drove in the opposite direction. When Summer turned around, she saw Leonardo was still chasing after that car.

Summer was stunned for a moment before she asked the driver, "Did we get rid of them?"

"Yes," The driver who answered Summer was still a stranger to her.

Summer knew who "Mr. Patel" was. She was also a little surprised that Mr. Patel was a very thoughtful person. Then she couldn't help asking, "Where's Mr.copy right hot novel pub