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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 271 A Familiar License Plate

The next morning.

When Summer woke up, she didn't see Leonardo.

She got out of bed and put on her coat. When she walked to the door and found that the door wasn't tightly shut.

Leonardo booked a suite, so the living room was just outside the bedroom.

Through the half-open door, Summer saw Leonardo sitting on the sofa, making a phone call.

Leonardo deliberately lowered his voice, so Summer only saw his mouth moving without knowing what he was saying.

Suddenly, Leonardo seemed to notice something and looked over.

Then he caught Summer eavesdropping behind the door.

Summer opened the door and walked out.

Leonardo didn't hang up the phone. He took the kettle on the table and poured a cup of hot water for Summer.

After Summer took it, he withdrew his hand and continued talking on the phone.

There was a knock on the door.

Summer glanced at Leonardo and he said, "I ordered breakfast."

She went to open the door with a straight face.

The waiter pushed the dining cart in and placed the breakfast on the table, saying respectfully, "Sir, this is your breakfast. Have a nice meal."

"Thank you," Summer said. As the waiter walked out, she followed him to close the door.

When they reached the door, the waiter suddenly turned around and shouted, "Ms. Summer."

Summer looked up at the waiter in shock.

The waiter put a note in her hand and left quickly.

Summer recovered herself from surprise and put the note into her pocket.

When she turned around, she glanced at Leonardo vigilantly.

Leonardo just got off the phone and turned to look at her, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Summer closed the door and walked to the dining table calmly.

Though she was curious about the content of the note, she didn't dare to read it now. While eating, she was a little absent-minded. To prevent Leonardo from noticing her nervousness, Summer lowered her head and kept eating.

After meal, she got up and went to the bathroom.copy right hot novel pub