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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 270 The Emersons Rule the Hoover City

Summer was a kind of resistant to Leonardo now, so she didn't put her arms around his neck.

Leonardo seemed to be in a good mood and didn't care about her attitude. Instead, he said mockingly, "Summer, you burned down my villa and leave me just to live in such a damn place?"

The hotel Summer chose didn't need to be registered to stay. So the condition wasn't good.

The customers here were a mix of people from different backgrounds.

Summer pursed her lips and remained silent.

Since she was caught by Leonardo now, she admitted defeat and had nothing to say.

When they went downstairs, she found that the lobby was quiet and empty. Perhaps the boss and other customers were all frightened by Leonardo.

Leonardo had brought quite a few people here. All his bodyguards were in suits and looked fierce. It was reasonable that ordinary people would be frightened.

Leonardo's car was parked right in front of the hotel. After a bodyguard stepped forward and opened the car door, Leonardo got into the car with Summer in his arms.

As Summer was put on the seat, she moved to the window.

But soon Leonardo grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

Summer wasn't as strong as Leonardo, so she only passively moved towards him.

Leonardo held her by the waist and put his other hand on the back of Summer's head. Then he leaned down and kissed Summer.

This kiss wasn't good or tender.

Leonardo was so tyrannical and rude.

He held the back of Summer's head and bit her lips, breathing heavily.

It wasn't until Summer's lips hurt that Leonardo finally stopped.

Then Summer found that she couldn't feel her lips.

She had no strength to push Leonardo away and only asked coldly, "Are we going back to the Hoover City now?"

"What? Do you want to play cat and mouse again?" Leonardo didn't let go of Summer but held her tightly in his arms, seeming to be worried that Summer would run away again.

"It's too late. I'm very tired, so I don't want to go back at night," Summer said and yawned.

It was just an excuse. In fact, she still didn't want to give up escaping.

She didn't want to go back with Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub