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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 269 Come Over Here

There was a public toilet next to the milk tea shop.

Summer walked in with her bag on her back. Just as she closed the cubicle door, she heard a car pull up outside the public toilet.

That was followed by a series of footsteps.

And a familiar voice.

"If the news is true, Mrs. Emerson should be here."

Summer immediately realized that it was Tim, whose voice was so familiar to her.

She was spooked by Tim's words.

It sounded like Leonardo came here too.

The next moment, she heard Leonardo's indifferent voice, "Go in and take a look."

Only a day had passed after she burned down Leonardo's villa. But now when she heard his voice, she had the illusion of being in a different world.

She leaned against the cubicle door and listened carefully. When she heard that Leonardo and his bodyguards left, she took a pee and ran out.

She paused at the door and saw the familiar Rolls-Royce parked by the roadside.

She looked around and found that Leonardo happened to run into Eliza.

Eliza was facing Summer, while Leonardo and his bodyguards were standing with their backs to Summer. So they didn't see her.

Eliza was flustered at the sight of Summer.

Summer signaled to Eliza not to expose her location, and then hid behind the Rolls-Royce.

She heard Leonardo asking Eliza, "Have you seen Summer?"

Eliza glanced at the place where Summer had just stood and then crossed her arms, staring at Leonardo provocatively, "Why should I tell you that?"

Leonardo sneered, "Normally, I won't hit women, but it doesn't mean that I won't hit you."

This frightened Eliza.

She said angrily, "You ... I haven't seen Summer. She's not my wife. Why should I have an eye on her?"

Summer hid behind the car and couldn't help feeling sympathy for Eliza.

Even at this distance Summer could feel Leonardo cold aura.

He said in a threatening voice, "Is that so?"

Summer poked her head out and saw Eliza taking two steps back with a pale face. Eliza said in a trembling voice, "She has already left. I don't know where she is going.copy right hot novel pub